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 Posted: Tue Feb 6th, 2007 02:05 pm
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Thanks for the feedback,

Might give a few of the groups in cmabridge a look. Avoided them in the past because I generally worry about having people look down on the stuff I write, what with it all being as werid as it usually is.

I think people assume I'm not taking it seriously because of what I write, and it's sort of off-putting.

Lol I'll stop being a big wuss and see about signing up with the local one, I know one published author with them so it wont be *too* daunting hopefully.

On a lighter note, got another rejection letter today, so at least the stamps didn't go to waste (*cringe* daft as it sounds that would have really irked me if they hadn't used the SAE.) Took 'em six months but they got there in the end.