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 Posted: Tue Feb 20th, 2007 09:27 pm
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Is this going to be a retelling of "Agamemnon" from a diferent perspective? If so, I would make that clear.

If this IS a retelling of the Agamemnon tale by Aeschylus why not even shorter:

"Clytemnestra," is a retelling of Aeschylus' tragedy, "Agamemnon," Through its several powerful roles, it explores a maligned and vengeful queen's journey from heartbreaking loss to political triumph which results in horryfying consequences.

(If you are using othe than Greek myths, cut "Greek.") If it is not modern, cut modern. Could also use I don't know the play you are writing. But I do know Agamemnon. Assume most people you send it to probably won't! But for those who do, you need have limited explanation. For those who don't, it won't matter much anyway. Yet both those who know or don't know will be impressed to hear of your attempt!

I am!

Best of luck with it.

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