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 Posted: Wed Feb 21st, 2007 12:30 am
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Howdy! Yes and No and Yes again... The play is a telling of the story of Clytemnestra... My first act is an exploration of the events that lead up to Aggie's grisly end... Agamemnon appears, Aegisthus is there, Artemis herself makes an entrance. The 2nd act will be somewhat more familiar as I paid a little homage to Aeschylus' telling by weaving in his plot structure of the homecoming with my arc... Aegisthus/Clytemnestra's affair and some other things... The ending wraps up quite dramatically and is a serious departure from Agamemnon. So, it's sticky territory I suppose, as it's not really a retelling, but rather a contemporary exploration of the story that Aeschylus doesn't really even dive into.  For the sake of familiarity, I'm calling it an adaptation. I intend to write the rest of the saga, which I will be, for all intents and purposes, adapting the Orestian trilogy. Ambitious undertaking, they tell me, for a 27 year old haha... I began the idea when I was 23. Thanks for the feedback.