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 Posted: Fri Feb 23rd, 2007 07:58 am
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I was invited to present a reading of one of my plays at a prestigious theater group that I had been trying to crack for years. It was eventually selected because the director, who was a member of the company, had submitted it on her own. I was thrilled. We had had an earlier read-through at her home where the head of the theater group was present. The discussion at that reading was very helpful and generally positive.

The format of the evening in question was that the head of the theater would ask me ahead of time if I wanted a discussion or not, and if I did, how I wanted it handled. It was up to me. I told him that I had some questions to put to the audience, and that I wanted the director to facilitate so I could listen and take notes. I thought everything was set.

We had the reading. The head of theater then totally disregarded my request, got up in front of the audience and said, "Lets start the discussion. I'll go first. I have a real problem with this play."

I don't remember much of the following discussion, since I was so enraged. the director and the actors were left sitting there onstage, never called upon, and the discussion was basically some people in the audience telling the head guy what they thought he wanted to hear. The discussion was useless to me since I couldn't trust any audience comments after the "authority figure" stated his displeasure in that manner.

By the way, my play was a political play. The discussion was basically whether I should show scenes of torture in the play (I did not. I believe showing the results are more powerful).