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 Posted: Tue Feb 27th, 2007 05:16 am
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Okay my story is funny/ sad. Long ago I wrote a little satire about how  we've screwed things up. Called the great blue egg the centre piece was just that a great blue egg in the centre of the stage... call it a war memorial if you like. The cast divided into those who were prepared to die to protect the egg and those who wanted to destroy it and start fresh. Obviously ( I was young) the start fresh  mob won and destroyed the egg which, instead of exploding or what ever collapsed with a fart.... (I was young.)

 Okay a group picked up the play, paid royalties even, invited me to see it and guess what  the die to save the egg mob won. When I enquired nicely (I was young) why they'd completely changed the end of the play the director told me that he knew I was basicly a good person and couldn't have meant it to end as I'd written it.

 I guess that's what you'd call a liberal interpretation of a script.


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