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 Posted: Sun Mar 11th, 2007 12:47 pm
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EVERYONE has Word and most don't have Final Draft.  I have friends using Final Draft and their opinion(s) vary.  I don't like the way it inserts the character's name after every time you include blocking instructions and also dislike the business of carrying a character's lines over to the next page (I like to have all of a character's line on the same page, even if I have to create a page break half-way down the page - rare.)

Personally, I find that I can use "Styles" and the "Clipboard" in MSWord to create anything Final Draft can, itworks just as well, and anyone can read it.

Also, quite often, theatres announce they will accept e-mailed scripts in Word or PDF only, so if you're going to buy Final Draft, you should also consider buying Adobe Acrobat (the generator program - not the reader) so you can send scripts out in PDF.

If you need instruction on formatting scripts in Word, let me know.

Best o'luck.