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 Posted: Tue Mar 13th, 2007 05:00 pm
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Jack, can I take you up on your offer of help on ScriptSmartGold.

It's working fine for me but I want to make some modifications to the style. For example the characters names are set to regular all caps but I want them to be bold and not all caps.

I go into styles and formatting, right click STAGE NAME and click Modify. I can then change the format to how I want it and it works perfectly in the document I am editing. When I am finished and exit as well as saving the document I have been working on I am asked if I want to save the changes to and I say Yes, thinking that the next time I load the template the styles will be set to how I want them. Alas no, they go back to how they were originally.

Am I doing something silly or is it impossible to change the styles in the template?

Any help appreciated.