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 Posted: Thu Mar 29th, 2007 09:07 pm
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The death of their son, David, has left the Meeks little choice but to rely on his brother, Richard, to run for office. Richard is convinced his certain defeat will allow an early return to his hedonistic lifestyle, but supported by his powerful father, Governor Harold Meek, Richard is elected, and in spite of several undistinguished terms in congress, is now one step away from a nomination for vice-president. 

But his father dies, and Richard receives a series of letters indicating crimes were committed in order to advance his career.  Richard insists he didn’t know, but his fiancée, Susan Thomas, who knows more then she should about the crimes in question, tells him he should have, and must resign. But Richard’s mother, Vera Meek, faced with the disintegration of a political dynasty, is prepared to use emotional blackmail to keep her son in office.

Richard must make a choice, but will a history of self indulgence and a mother’s intimidation prevent him from making the right one?