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 Posted: Sat Jul 28th, 2007 03:40 pm
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I know enough about web design, html, and computers to get myself into trouble.

When I was a teen I learned every line from the original Star Wars and drew a comic book to prove it. That comic book was later "collected as extra credit" by my eigth grade teacher and never returned. I'm still a little cranky about that.

I studied art for many years and have worked as a professional caricature artist and a pen & ink portrait artist. I am currently working on creating a pet-portrait business called Pawtraits.

My art background enables me to design sets and work as a scene painter.

I have been a professional technical director for a touring theater company.

For 10 years I worked with (and for five of the years ran) a festival of new plays at the O'Neill Theater Center dedicated to workshopping plays by playwrights living in Southeastern Connecticut. As a result I met many playwrights in my community, and begun a theater project that stages new plays by people from my community called The Planning Stage.

I am entering my 2nd year at Brown University and am trying to figure out how to mesh Ancient Studies with Cognitive Science.

I dig studying myth and religion. I have been inspired by the work of Joseph Campbell, and combine his lessons with the theatrical sensibilities of artists like Julie Taymor.

I know a lot about the life of Joan of Arc, and medieval studies. I love listening to ancient music.

I grew up with lots of dogs and horses, and for a few summers as a kid I helped out on a farm. Mostly they put me on the roadside and had me sell sweet corn for $2 a half dozen, but sometimes I helped bring in the hay. When it was hot in mid-summer (like now) we would sew together burlap bags (left over from animal feed), using bailing twine, string them in the trees, and sleep outside in our impromptu hammocks.

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