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 Posted: Thu Sep 6th, 2007 12:02 pm
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In Media Res,


Wow! It seems like your friend was thrown into a real twit-cluster that

evening! Fortunately for her it appears that the audience responded well

to her reading. You're right, it does read like theater. 


Thank goodness not every poet with a big bio is like the ones you described.

Almost everyone with whom I have been involved has been accessible, humble,

and willing to help in any number of ways. I have heard very little in the way of

jealousy from them in regard to other poets' work, also.  I suppose, though,

there is some of that in every group (and in everyone, as well). It is a shame

she (and you and the audience) had to be subjected to so much at one time.


In my own experience, I have encountered the most arrogance and venom from

those poetasters who seem to exist almost solely on-line (at the so-called

and often self-named "expert boards" ) and have had just enough arguable

(but sometimes not "real") "success" to prop up their sorely needful egos. 

Throw in an "education" and ...whew! Ick.


Anyway, thanks for the book recommendation!

--J Brian Long






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