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 Posted: Fri Sep 28th, 2007 01:12 pm
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When this voyage began

Many whose voices we honored

And those we love mocked us to our faces

While we row upon this path to find

Ancient tongues of repute refuted

Bluffing and cursing-our ears dead to the warring tongues of old

We stir our boat

Turbulent as it may-Time!

Hopes certain… Thus we behold the sparkling silhouette of success

Time, we tarry, with time we find…


                 Those within…

                  Those without…


Within hath those who love without

Without hath those whose love wane with time


Allegations and condemnations-

We fret not to sail this route we know

We pause to ponder without an end…

Courage and determination, our weapon as one

And when at discovery we suck the kings’ breast

Those who hated our quest hail our mission…

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