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 Posted: Mon Oct 15th, 2007 05:20 pm
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I'm also contemplating the creation of a lens on about playwrights, but skewed to keywords that people use to search for scripts. This is because people on the web rarely search for scripts by name or playwright. Rather, they type in the kind of play they're looking for, along with words like "play", "script", etc.

For example, I target schools and colleges so I'd have keywords like "school", "college", "comedy", "India", "international", etc. in my lens section. Similarly, other playwrights may have keywords like "adult", "community", "absurd", etc. Not too technical or jargon-heavy, just things that lay people are likely to use as keywords.

I've tried visiting the websites of a couple of playwrights but there is not indication of the type of plays they have available for production and at whom those plays are targeted. There are lists of plays, true, but very little indication of who might best benefit from the plays.

I'm thinking, if people post the type of plays they have available, I can then create a lens and bung in the playwrights' names, plays, genres, target audiences, etc., along with the link to the playwrights' websites.

Or maybe Paul would like to include this in the "Playwrights On The Web" page. We then just update our listing with the details. It'll save me the trouble of creating the lens :)