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    Hello all. If anyone out there has any suggestions on how to improve this synopsis, I would appreciate it. I just don't feel like it does the trick.


Synopsis of Hauntings
By Toni Wilson

Three generations of  strong yet emotionally raped and shattered women in the Mirfield family  cycle through mental abuse and illness in this four act play.

We start with the first matriarch of the family, Bette, and see how her mother’s life affects Bette and her sister, Florence, in the 1940s. Bette gives birth to Janice and Louise, and Louise gives birth to Margo and December. We see how the abuse given to Bette in the early 1940s has affected her great-granddaughters. Will the great-granddaughters, Margo and December be up to the task of breaking the cycle and healing? Or will the past be too much for them to cope with, effectively sealing their future?

Based on the author’s memories of her recently deceased mother, and on the stories of a painful life proudly lived, Hauntings explores how much of our mental abuse and illness is a poisoned legacy of generations passed, and what can be done to break the cycle.

The play spans from the early 1940s until the present. The characters are written as different ages, some even shifting ages and decades in the same scene. The actors chosen should be able to time travel with the characters. Casting of ‘younger’ and ‘older’ would diminish the play’s effect.