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 Posted: Thu Oct 18th, 2007 05:32 am
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I am absolutely rotten when it comes to synopses.  For me, writing a synopsis is almost as challenging as writing a play.  I'm sure you will be getting some great suggestions from our fellow members.

Abuse and the generational effects of it is a subject with which  I'm sadly all too familiar and have explored it in a couple early pieces.  It's a tough cycle to break, but being aware of the cycle is the first crack toward breaking it.

Anyway, what little I do know about writing synopses informs me that  it is in your best interest to drop the following two lines post haste:  "The actors chosen should be able to time travel with the characters. Casting of ‘younger’ and ‘older’ would diminish the play’s effect."  Whisper that into the ear of your director, but don't put it in writing--at least not in your synopsis.

This sounds like a brave and ambitious work.  Great luck with it.

And again, welcome to our forum.

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