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 Posted: Sat Nov 3rd, 2007 03:19 pm
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I just dashed this off this morning after consulting some of the cookbooks I had around the house. I liked this format, but it's a bit long. It goes to the second page of the file. I was thinking I just need to get all the indregients listed side by side in a column under the description (you know, like the ingredients in a cookbook usually are). There's some redundancies but I want to try and keep the twist ending (that the pastor is actually interested in Abigail's son as a romantic interest, not the daughters of the other women). I wasn't sure how much information I should add in about the characters as well. I was planning on having the big info about the characters on the cast breakdown sheet. But this might be the only thing the theatre requests. There's something wierd and different about each of the ladies involved. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks a heap you guys.

By Toni Wilson

Prep. Time:
Cook Time: 37 minutes

Description: The arrival of the new pastor at CHURCH NAME causes a great romantic stir in the Church Basement Ladies group at the church. Each woman attempts to get her daughter to be seen as a romantic interest for him, with questionable results. In the end, the least likely of the Church Basement Ladies looks to be the one whose child the new pastor is interested in.


3 Church Basement Ladies and their daughters:
    1. Ruby and Naomi
    2. Elizabeth and Stephanie
    3. Lorraine and Olivia

1 Church Basement Ladies President and her son:
    1. Abigail and D.J.

1. New, young, handsome and single pastor, Pastor Ray

1 Dream of marrying a pastor

1 Dream of becoming a nurse

2 Other dreams
    1. Being a nun (for Naomi)
    2. Becoming a chocolatier (for Stephanie)


1. Mix all four Church Basement Ladies from the time they were born with the dream of marrying a pastor. Have none of them marry a pastor but have them retain this cherished dream for their children (except Abigail because she doesn’t have a daughter).

2. Mix Abigail, Ruby, and Elizabeth together until they are the best of friends.

3. Add in Lorraine and her frightened, shellshocked daughter, Olivia, which causes friction for all involved.

4. Enter Pastor Ray, the new pastor for the church, who is handsome and single.

5. Have each of the Church Basement Ladies fall all over themselves attempting to introduce her individual daughter to him as a romantic interest with questionable results.

6. Add D.J. to the mix for more questionable results.

7. Bake at 425 degrees until top is golden brown and insides are creamy and hilarious.