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 Posted: Tue Nov 27th, 2007 03:30 pm
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I agree with edd. You have done the work already. Just thank them for their response. Don't fill the page. Don't comment any more on the play.

"Get in, 'n Get out."

I would include a SASP as a receipt (keep it on file) and mention as the final thing in your letter your letter just before "yours truly": I have enclosed an SASP for you to acknowledge receipt.

I also, only if it is not in the theatre's available information, request to know the expected/usual turnaround time when you might expect to hear from them. I ask if they would please include on the receipt the usual turnaround time (Don't be shocked when they say "a year.") By doing this, I can mark on my calendar that date, and if not heard from within two weeks after, I can contact them. Courteous theatres always let you know this information without having to ask. But it a proper request.

As a sidebar: A publishing company just contacted me about publishing a play of mine: took them a year and a half. I told them I thought they had died. Their original turnaround: 6 months! Haven't signed the deal yet. We are talking. Another very good theatre took two years. Some, you never hear from again. Mind you, this happens even when you have an agent!

I also send anything that is full-length Priority (not Express) Mail with a confirmation receipt number. That way you can check online to make sure it got there, even though they may not mail the receipt, which they sometimes forget to do.


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