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 Posted: Sun Dec 23rd, 2007 04:36 pm
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This part may seem obvious -- to send your play out to them promptly -- but I am amazed at how many playwrights have said something like this --

--Oh, such and such theater requested my play two weeks ago.
--Did you send it?
--Not yet, I'm waiting to print it out/buy ink/to finish rewrites/buy binders... or all sorts of other excuses.

And they wait to send a play to theater that wants to read it. Why? If a theater requests a play, do not delay getting your butt to the post office to send it priority (as IMR suggests). Have supplies on hand like binders, ink, and copies, when you mail the queries. It's your business and you're the CEO and Mail Clerk. Get that play into the hands of people that want to read it.