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 Posted: Sat Jan 26th, 2008 03:30 am
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Copywriter here. Prior to that, editor with a couple of trade magazines. I've made my living solely by writing for the past 10 years, but never on my fiction or playwriting. I wouldn't try to make a go of it on playwriting alone, for several reasons. First, as you pointed out, the likelihood is fairly low. It's nice when I can pull in a royalty here and there, but $100 or $250 bucks a few times a year does not a salary make. Second, for me it would take the pleasure out of it. It would become something I have to do, like any other job. No more waiting for the right inspiration to strike, waiting for that half-snippet of conversation that triggers the idea. No, every day I didn't write would become a worry. I don't want to worry about my writing because it's my escape and my solace.

And for me, putting pressure on my playwriting to support me would run counter to everything I've done over the last three years. I have never expected a play to do anything other than get written. They are simply what they are, they come as they do, and then I send them out. Very luckily for me, they've been quite well received. Personally, I cannot ask anything more of my craft than I do. I know that in time something good will come of it--of its own accord. Maybe not a lifestyle, but a comfort beyond a nice meal out with the wife twice a year. And we'll get there, my playwriting and I. In time.