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 Posted: Thu Jan 31st, 2008 08:36 pm
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Go to the topic on this thread just before your post called

"reveal surprise twist in synopsis - yes or no? "

Go to katoagogo's post and she has some most interesting and informative posts on her website.

You can also see this matter discussed if you continue to search through the other previous posts on this thread as well.

Yes, i would agree your letter and synopseis is pretty darn dry! Glad you are questioning it.

You should find some great info if you search out the site. It is a touch call to say whether it was produced already. Soooooo many theatres close their minds, doors creativity and profits - or non-profits! - to second productions, which convinces me most that sooooo many theatres are nuts. Why should a theatre in Pennsylvania be worried because you had a production in Florida???!!!!! But, if you mention the production, you should always state something like, "I maintain all rights to the play."
They want to be assured that there will be no conflict of interest if they decide to do your play.


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