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 Posted: Tue Feb 5th, 2008 07:17 pm
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Don't feel bad. Well, I mean, yes, feel bad. And feel bad about the 35 bucks for nada!

As wonderful as the actual creative process is at the O'Neill if you are selected, I have personally known of only one playwright who ever got his/work selected there. So, the odds are very slim. The selection process sucks no matter where you go.

We all feel your pain!

I am currently a reader for a very nice competition. I mostly read overwritten stuff no one would want to touch. But some stuff is good. One or two have been very good. Last year, one of the two plays I recommended was the one chosen. Maybe that is why they asked me back again. But the other one I recommended was not chosen, and I think it was a finished, solid, stirring grab you from the beginning and not let go play. I was physically worn out after reading it. Controversial topic however. (Look at your topic!) Theaters, as I said before, are looking for piecess to develop, not plays to produce. If it is a finished play...forget it. Theatres are not keen on that stuff. Unless it is an "approved" topic. So, many minds go into it, I understand it. But we all hate it. They probably hate it, too.

I always wonder where the play readers come from at The O'Neill. Anyone know? The one I am involved with are all working professionals. But the volume is not as huge as at the O'Neill.

Anyway, on to the next one! Keep it going.


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