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Looking to workshop my latest short play  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Sat Dec 26th, 2020 04:47 pm
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Short Play: TRAUMA
By: Ode Clement Igoni

Synopsis: Alfonso is traumatized after his soon to be bride breaks off their wedding plan. He swears never to Love again, he goes to a pub, he meets Laura a pretty damsel.


Alfonso. A traumatized man
Tracie. A young lady, Alfonso's first love
Laura. A pretty lady at the pub

Alfonso's living room.
Alfonso's Bedroom.
Bar in a pub.


Settings: ALFONSO'S living Room
Time: Mid-day

At Rise: TRACIE is sitting in the living room, luggages well arranged beside her. ALFONSO enters the living room excited holding shopping bags, he sees Tracie sitting strangely.

ALFONSO (To Tracie). My rose flower, sunshine of my once dark world, what makes you sit in such a manner with no smile on your face?

TRACIE. I've got nothing here to make me smile.

ALFONSO is shocked, his shopping bags fall from his hand.

ALFONSO. Do you mean what you just said?

TRACIE. I mean every word, I feel nothing here. I didn't want to leave without giving you the chance of seeing me one last time, I know it would be devastating if I'd left earlier.

ALFONSO. What went wrong Tracie? We can talk and settle every issue. If I did a bad thing tell me, I'll change. Our planned wedding is in two weeks time, we've sent out invitation cards to family and friends.

TRACIE. I can't go on anymore, don't want to be unhappy the rest of my life.

ALFONSO fidgets.

ALFONSO. Don't do this Tracie (His voice begin to shake) My world will be torn apart if you leave.

TRACIE. I don't intend hurting you beyond this time, I'm leaving.

TRACIE gets up from the sofa, pick up her handbag, she pulls her luggage towards the front door, ALFONSO tries to stop her by pleading some more.

ALFONSO. Tracie we've been through thin and thick why a sudden decision, we've had eight years of good times.

TRACIE(Stops and look at Alfonso). Those times weren't real. I wish you find someone that loves you truly.

***Black Out***


Settings: ALFONSO's Bedroom
Time: Night

At rise: ALFONSO is having a restless night days later, he's traumatized. He rolls and turn frequently, he also suffers from altered sleep pattern.

ALFONSO(Sleep talking as he turns side to side).

"Sweet Love I nurtured for years to blossom
Planting flowers deep in our heart's bossom
Drought words out, from whence it comes
Into my heart causing me fail from burns

In my blood, it echoes and stings some more
I stand keeping watch as you go out the door
Saying there is nothing to be felt, I'm poor
The things of life you want, I can't afford

I stay up most nights praying we prosper
I get stabbed cutting my soul to darkness
I bleed falling off balance, you still leave
I find myself in a place of no more love

I wish to be born in love to feel its honey
I wish to find a heart that heals this dark"

ALFONSO suddenly wakes, he jumps out his bed, he's sweating heavily

***Black Out***


Settings: At a Bar
Time: Morning

At rise: ALFONSO is sitting at the bar, the bartender serves him glass cup filled with blend of lemon juice and vodka. ALFONSO gulps down the drink.

ALFONSO( To the Bartender). Get me another cup (He gives the empty glass he's holding to the bartender.)

The BARTENDER receives the cup from Alfonso, He fills the glass with same drink as before.

BARTENDER. You're going miles past your regular limit.

ALFONSO. Yea, I can pay my bills, I've got sorrows to drink away.

BARTENDER. We all got sorrows, take it easy on your self.

A beautiful lady walks into the pub, she goes straight to the bar, she sits beside ALFONSO, she turns to look at him and give a smile. The lady is LAURA.

***Black Out***


Time: Morning
At Rise: ALFONSO lightens up his mood as he turn to LAURA.

ALFONSO (To Laura). Hello pretty, your smile changed my mood from sad to happy.

LAURA. You sure it's my smile? Or the vodka has set in.

ALFONSO. It's not the Vodka, I'm Alfonso (He stretches forth his arm for a handshake.)

LAURA. I'm Laura (She receives the handshake.) Seems you've been drinking for quite some time, when you get drunk will you drive to your destination?

LAURA orders a drink

LAURA (To the Bartender). Give me a tot of Martini.

The BARTENDER brings the ordered drink and give LAURA.

LAURA. Thanks ( She collects the drink and take a sip.)

ALFONSO (To Laura). I didn't come with my car, I'll walk back home, I live 4 blocks away from here. Why are you here? You face is new.

LAURA. I came to drink away my sorrow, I couldn't sleep last night.

ALFONSO. Same with me, I had a terrible night, I need to see a doctor. I get nightmares and see strange horrible images, I had a talk with my neighbor and he says I'm traumatized.

LAURA. What caused your trauma?

ALFONSO. Something really personal.

LAURA. If you didn't want to talk about it, you wouldn't have start. Well I'm feeling really terrible and embarrassed right now that's why I'm here for a drink. I've been in a relationship with one guy for over eight years, just recently we began talks of getting married then last night he walks back home, packs his luggages and tell me it's over, all the good times we shared in the past all gone to the night. I've sworn never to Love again.

ALFONSO is surprise

ALFONSO. Your sorrow is also what brought me here.

***Black Out***


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