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The Playwrights' Noticeboard > Life-Sized Meme Productions - Full-Length (0 replies - 206 views)

Hunt for a Script! LIFE-SIZED MEME PRODUCTIONS·FRIDAY, 20 OCTOBER 2017 Life-sized Meme productions is looking for a full length script (60-90 mins) for an upcoming production ...   Thu Nov 2nd, 2017 06:50 am

The Playwrights' Noticeboard > Wasatch Theatre - page to stage (0 replies - 71 views)

Playwrights Wanted! Wasatch Theatre Company is looking for playwrights to participate in their annual Page-to-Stage Festival. For this year’s Festival, playwrights will craft a new script ...   Thu Nov 2nd, 2017 06:41 am

The Playwrights' Noticeboard > M.T. Pockets Theatre one-act play fest. (10 min) (0 replies - 66 views)

SCHEDULE November 15, 2017 Deadline for submissions. ​All entries MUST be submitted online. December 18 Winning submissions announced December 20-21, 2016 Auditions for all productions and casting December 26, 2016 Cast Lists Posted February ...   Thu Nov 2nd, 2017 06:28 am

The Playwrights' Noticeboard > Lakeshore Players - 10-minute plays (0 replies - 66 views)

Play Contest Details Lakeshore Players Theatre is accepting submissions for 10-minute plays. Finalist plays will be produced at our Annual Festival May 31-June 10, 2018. Contest Schedule January ...   Thu Nov 2nd, 2017 06:23 am

The Playwrights' Noticeboard > Jewish Women's Theatre - short plays on a theme (0 replies - 55 views)

Crossing Our Red Sea – March 10-26 A surprising show revealing life’s truths found in the Passover story…This is not a re-enactment of the exodus story, ...   Thu Nov 2nd, 2017 06:02 am

Opportunities for Playwrights > Bare Black Box Productions - 5- 15 (0 replies - 153 views)

B3 Productions strives to showcase unpublished works by rising artists. Founded in 2017, B3 is helmed by Franc Gaxiola and Ilana Lydia; their goal ...   Thu Nov 2nd, 2017 05:56 am

Opportunities for Playwrights > NATIONAL LATINO PLAYWRITING AWARD - Full-length or one-acts (0 replies - 80 views)

Latino playwrights living in US or Mexico Submissions for the 2018 National Latino Playwriting Award are now open. Latino playwrights residing in the United States, its ...   Wed Oct 25th, 2017 02:05 am

The Playwrights' Noticeboard > The Dare Tactic (0 replies - 121 views)

To stage innovative original works by unrepresented voices. Staged Readings. Workshops. Full Productions. You'll have to go the the website. I can't move the info here. This was ...   Wed Oct 25th, 2017 01:41 am

The Playwrights' Noticeboard > Theatre Acadia - One Act - less than 30 (0 replies - 91 views)

MiniFest Script Submissions MiniFest is a week-long festival of one-act plays featuring limited cast sizes and scenographic demands. Every year hundreds of plays from around ...   Wed Oct 25th, 2017 01:16 am

Opportunities for Playwrights > Centenary Stage Company - Development Opportunity (0 replies - 74 views)

Call for Plays - Women Playwrights Series The Centenary Stage Company, an Equity theatre in residence on the campus of Centenary University in Hackettstown, NJ is ...   Tue Oct 24th, 2017 08:46 pm

Opportunities for Playwrights > Theatricum Botanicum - Development Opportunity (0 replies - 73 views)

Seedlings Submission Guidelines With its roots in the McCarthy Era Blacklisiting, Will Geer’s Theatricum Botanicum has provided a home in Southern California for professional Shakespeare and the ...   Tue Oct 24th, 2017 08:15 pm

The Playwrights' Noticeboard > Pipedream Productions - 30 mins or less What is your pipe dream? (0 replies - 83 views)

We are now accepting submissions! We are looking for short play submissions (30 minutes or less). The subject? “Pipedream.” What does “Pipedream” mean to you? Please provide the ...   Tue Oct 24th, 2017 08:18 am

The Playwrights' Noticeboard > Snowdance Script Submissions (0 replies - 71 views)

OOHP accepting submissions now through November 1st Over Our Head Players is accepting submissions for the "2018 Snowdance® 10 Minute Comedy Festival," now through November 1. ...   Tue Oct 24th, 2017 07:59 am

Opportunities for Playwrights > Ensemble Studio Theatre - Proposals for commissioned plays (1 reply - 145 views)

Proposals will next be accepted starting September 1st, 2017. Deadline for artist proposals and script submissions: November 1, 2017 Deadline for regional development grants: December 1, 2017 The ...   Tue Oct 24th, 2017 07:47 am

The Playwrights' Noticeboard > Boomerang Theatre Company - New Full-length plays (0 replies - 89 views)

The FIRST FLIGHT New Play Festival is one of the premiere new play development festivals in Indie Theatre. Each play selected to participate in the ...   Tue Oct 24th, 2017 07:37 am

Opportunities for Playwrights > One Act/Short Play Festival (2 replies - 222 views)

Don. I'm sure you don't charge actors to audition, or directors - playwrights should not be funding your theatre - they are the foundation of your ...   Mon Oct 23rd, 2017 12:23 am

The Playwrights' Noticeboard > The Downtown Urban Arts Festival (DUAF) plays and films about NYC (0 replies - 362 views)

PLAYWRIGHTS AND FILMMAKERS The Downtown Urban Arts Festival (DUAF) is currently accepting staged plays and completed films that illustrate city life for its 2018 annual season ...   Wed Sep 13th, 2017 05:06 pm

The Playwrights' Noticeboard > Theatre Three Festival of One-Act Plays up to 40 mins. max. (0 replies - 274 views)

Only UNPRODUCED works will be accepted. Plays that have had staged readings are eligible. No adaptations or children’s plays. Cast size maximum: 10 Length: 40-minutes maximum. No minimum. Settings ...   Sat Sep 2nd, 2017 05:22 am

The Playwrights' Noticeboard > Landing Theatre Company - Full-Length play reading (0 replies - 151 views)

New American Voices Play Reading Series Submission Guidelines Play Submissions From August 1 - September 30 The Landing Theatre Company accepts ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­full-length plays for ­­­­­­­­­­­­the New American ...   Sat Sep 2nd, 2017 05:15 am

The Playwrights' Noticeboard > Heretic Voices - Monologues 15 - 45 minutes. (0 replies - 159 views)

Singular voices, centre stage. A nationwide search for the best new writing in monologue form. Heretic Voices is a rare opportunity for writers of all backgrounds ...   Sat Sep 2nd, 2017 05:12 am

The Playwrights' Noticeboard > Native Voices at the Autry - Full-Length Plays (0 replies - 122 views)

Native Voices at the Autry Call for Scripts 2017-2018 *Please note that we only accept submissions written for the stage or theatre by Native American, Alaska Native, ...   Sat Sep 2nd, 2017 04:48 am

The Playwrights' Noticeboard > Native Voices at the Autry - Short plays less than 15 pages (0 replies - 163 views)

Native Voices at the Autry Call for Scripts 2017-2018 *Please note that we only accept submissions written for the stage or theatre by Native American, Alaska Native, ...   Sat Sep 2nd, 2017 04:46 am

The Playwrights' Noticeboard > Cary Playwrights Forum - 10 minutes plays (0 replies - 167 views)

CPF is seeking short plays for a night of theatre hosted at Fortnight Brewing Company in Cary NC. We are soliciting new, original 10-minute plays ...   Sat Sep 2nd, 2017 04:36 am

The Playwrights' Noticeboard > Small Fish Radio Theatre Annual Horror Show (0 replies - 146 views)

"Yes, it's true, Small Fish Radio is doing another horror show. Submit. Submit... " Deadline is midnight, September 15, 2017. Submission Guidelines: Submissions must be ...   Sat Sep 2nd, 2017 04:30 am

The Playwrights' Noticeboard > Playwrights First - Full-Length - not produced (0 replies - 166 views)

One full-length play per author in English from anywhere in the world. Not produced prior to submission. Readings and workshops are acceptable. No adaptations, translations, musicals, or ...   Sat Sep 2nd, 2017 04:19 am

The Playwrights' Noticeboard > Old Library Theatre (OLT) 15 - 30 minw. (0 replies - 135 views)

Old Library Theatre (OLT) invites submissions for its 7th Annual One Act Play Festival. Winner of the NJACT Perry Award for Best Production of an ...   Sat Sep 2nd, 2017 04:15 am

Opportunities for Playwrights > Radcliffe Institute (Harvard) Fellowship Program (0 replies - 272 views)

Each of the more than 850 fellows who have been in residence at the Radcliffe Institute has pursued an independent project, but the collaborative experience ...   Sat Sep 2nd, 2017 04:02 am

The Playwrights' Noticeboard > Strand Theatre Short Plays about journey. (0 replies - 131 views)

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS - Strand Theater Annual Short Play Festival The theme of the Strand upcoming 2017-18 season is Journeys. For our popular short play festival ...   Sat Sep 2nd, 2017 03:57 am

The Playwrights' Noticeboard > Bush Theatre - Brand new full-length plays - UK and Republic of Ireland only (0 replies - 191 views)

THE SCRIPT SUBMISSIONS WINDOW IS NOW OPEN. The Bush Theatre is committed to discovering the best new plays from playwrights who may be unknown to us ...   Wed Aug 30th, 2017 05:14 pm

Critique my Play > Money Upfront (2 replies - 574 views)

Red Rose. I can see you just joined, and then you posted your play. Believe me, we know everyone would like feedback. But we have had so ...   Sat Aug 26th, 2017 08:00 pm

Please, introduce yourself ... > Sean Dyer from Victoria BC (3 replies - 802 views)

Welcome. Nice to have you. There are some very kind and talented people here...but it's been quiet...which is good if everyone is writing. Paddy ...   Mon Aug 14th, 2017 03:45 am

Opportunities for Playwrights > Villa Ruffieux - Switzerland - 1 - 3 month residency. (0 replies - 271 views)

General terms & conditions for the artists’ residence The residency is open to all professional artists working in the field of visual arts, music, literature, theatre, ...   Wed Aug 9th, 2017 06:26 pm

The Playwrights' Noticeboard > Urban Stages Theatre NYC - (0 replies - 375 views)

HOW TO SUBMIT? Submit plays to: Urban Stages 555 Eighth Avenue, RM 1800 New York, NY 10018 Email submissions will not be accepted. Full-length plays only: - scripts must be ...   Wed Aug 9th, 2017 06:22 pm

The Playwrights' Noticeboard > ON-GOING OPPS - Full-length, et al (90 replies - 68927 views)

HOW TO SUBMIT? Submit plays to: Urban Stages 555 Eighth Avenue, RM 1800 New York, NY 10018 Email submissions will not be accepted. Full-length plays only: - scripts must be ...   Wed Aug 9th, 2017 06:21 pm

The Playwrights' Noticeboard > The Ten-Minute Musicals Project (7 - 20 mins) (0 replies - 173 views)

Annual Competition Guidelines Since the inception of The Ten-Minute Musicals Project, over sixteen hundred submissions have been received, from librettists, lyricists and composers in fifteen nations: ...   Wed Aug 9th, 2017 05:57 pm

Opportunities for Playwrights > QU Literary Magazine - 8,000 words (0 replies - 170 views)

We are open for submissions until August 31st! Send us your best work! Payment Upon Publication: $100 per prose piece, $50 per poem Prose submissions (fiction, essays, ...   Wed Aug 9th, 2017 05:53 pm

Opportunities for Playwrights > Diez Minutos 2018 - Lost in Translation (0 replies - 158 views)

Submissions for Diez Minutos 2018: Lost in Translation First, thank you, one and all, for participating in last year’s ten-minute play festival. It was a HUGE ...   Wed Aug 9th, 2017 05:49 pm

Opportunities for Playwrights > Image Theatre's Naughty Reading Series. (0 replies - 195 views)

Next from Image Theater ​ Image Theater is seeking submission for our annual Keep Your Kids Home NAUGHTY READINGS to be held at The Old Court Pub November ...   Wed Aug 9th, 2017 05:43 pm

Opportunities for Playwrights > Yale Drama Series New Play Competition. (0 replies - 221 views)

The Yale Drama Series is seeking submissions for its 2018 playwriting competition. The winning play will be selected by the series' current judge, Ayad Akhtar. ...   Wed Aug 9th, 2017 05:16 pm

The Playwrights' Noticeboard > Ivoryton Playhouse - one-act plays by and about women (0 replies - 188 views)

The Ivoryton Playhouse is delighted to announce our second annual Women Playwrights’ Initiative. Thanks to all participants, our inauguralInitiative was a resounding success. We once again ...   Wed Aug 9th, 2017 04:51 pm

The Playwrights' Noticeboard > ON-GOING OPPS - Full-length, et al (90 replies - 68927 views)

New Works LogoIntroducing you to new theatrical voices and helping to create new works for the American Stage! Featuring the WORLD PREMIERE of Elijah by Judith ...   Wed Aug 9th, 2017 04:40 pm

Opportunities for Playwrights > FUNHOUSE II SCRIPT SUBMISSIONS: Original theatre inspired by The Twilight Zone, Black Mirror, and Ad (2 replies - 506 views)

toewsb2. We do not endorse or post any submissions that require a fee. Perhaps you might want to reconsider the foundation of your festival - playwrights - ...   Tue Jul 18th, 2017 11:03 pm

Please, introduce yourself ... > Greetings Everyone! (2 replies - 342 views)

Hello Gerry Walker. Welcome. Paddy ...   Tue Jul 18th, 2017 04:07 pm

Please, introduce yourself ... > Hi from Portland (6 replies - 357 views)

I did this 11 years ago with little to know knowledge. Still running strong. Paddy ...   Tue Jul 18th, 2017 05:28 am

Please, introduce yourself ... > Hi from Portland (6 replies - 357 views)

Is it new or are you re-grouping? ...   Tue Jul 18th, 2017 05:11 am

Please, introduce yourself ... > Hi from Portland (6 replies - 357 views)

Welcome, Fierce Light. We need some fierce light in here. Take your time. Lot's of resources, lots of very talented playwrights. Paddy ...   Tue Jul 18th, 2017 05:01 am

The Playwrights' Noticeboard > Wildclaw Theatre - Short Horror Radio Plays (0 replies - 449 views)

DEATHSCRIBE: The International Festival of Horror Radio Plays The submission window for Deathscribe X, the 10th Annual Festival of Horror Radio Plays, is from May 1 ...   Tue Jul 4th, 2017 07:47 am

The Playwrights' Noticeboard > The Storefront Theatre Short Play Festival (0 replies - 260 views)


The Playwrights' Noticeboard > Quannapowitt Players, Inc Holiday themed. (0 replies - 240 views)

Calling all Playwrights CALL FOR NEW PLAY SUBMISSIONS FOR SUBURBAN HOLIDAYS 2017 QP is seeking one-act play submissions for our sixth Suburban Holidays production of new holiday ...   Tue Jul 4th, 2017 07:33 am

The Playwrights' Noticeboard > New Britain Youth Theatre - Plays for youth - 20 pages or less (0 replies - 269 views)

Calling Aspiring Writers and Directors! NBYT’s Short Play Festival Is Coming! APRIL 25, 2017 tags: children's theater, Hartford County, New Britain, playwright competitions, teen theater, theater festivals SPF ...   Tue Jul 4th, 2017 07:19 am

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