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 Posted: Mon Nov 11th, 2013 05:28 pm
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‘Three Guys in Drag Selling Their Stuff’ provides comedy, definition of friendship at M.T. Pockets

Monday, November 11, 2013 2:41 am
By Westley Thompson |

A comedic play graced the cozy stage of M.T. Pockets Theatre Friday and Saturday with “Three Guys in Drag Selling Their Stuff.” This witty play follows a group of rich aging socialites as they conduct a yard sale in an attempt to make money.

Diva, one of the three main characters of the play, played by Ron Adamson, is recently widowed. She is taking the death very well, and audience members get the impression there wasn’t much love between her and her late-husband.

Diva hosts the yard sale in hopes of raising funds to buy a Faberge Egg to store her husband’s ashes, as his remains currently reside in a pickle jar.

Diva delights herself in gossiping about her friends and neighbors and is interested in the social standings of herself and others in the community.

Lillian, played by Anthony Host, is Diva’s closest friend and co-hosts the yard sale. Lillian is the softer and more compassionate of the duo. She often acts as the voice of reason, attempting to talk Diva down off her lofty rants and ideas, although these attempts are often ignored.

Tink, the third member of the group played by Robert Wolf, is an old lady who spends most of her time sleeping in a wheelchair. From time to time we get a look inside Tink’s head and see she is still conscious mentally.

Like everything in this play, Tink’s locked-in syndrome is made humorous.Her monologues are often about Diva and Lillian’s mishaps. She often considers death and the potential to go to Hell as positive outcomes compared to dealing with the other two any longer.
“Three Men in Drag Selling Their Stuff” is a light-hearted, refreshing comedy. The play mainly pokes fun at aging women, particularly the type of self-entitled person who marries a rich Jewish lawyer for the money, then retires in the Hamptons after a lifetime in a loveless marriage.

Diva and Lillian spend their days drinking strongly spiked punch in the sun and gossiping about everything and everyone. They are narcissistic individuals, putting their own needs and desires above those of everyone else.

At one point Tink is clearly in distress, unable to articulate her needs because Diva is absorbed in her own thoughts.

Another time, their friend Muffy is hit by a car while crossing the street. Although both Diva and Lillian witness the event, neither goes over to help. Instead they both judge Muffy on the type of underwear she is wearing while being carted off to the hospital.
The aging women’s sexuality is also a big point for jokes in the play. These women were presumably attractive at one point but are now far past their prime. Due to being older widows, it’s now much harder for them to find sexual satisfaction.

Many of their conversations center around young attractive foreign boys and the things they would like to do to them. At one point, in a phone conversation, it is revealed that Diva’s rival Carlotta has brought back a handsome Greek boy from vacation.
At first, Diva calls Carlotta a slut out of jealousy, but later on in Act 2, she coerces the young man to go into her house “for later use.”

These characters objectify young men, treating them like things to be owned, used and traded around. This objectification mirrors the real-life objectification of women that feminists claim exists. The joke even goes as far as having “missing” posters being hung around during the second act like Carlotta’s young man was a pet that escaped, instead of a human who left on his own free will.

“Three Men in Drag Selling Their Stuff” is an airy play to watch and constantly keeps the jokes flowing.

The production will continue to run Thursday-Saturday. For more information about M.T. Pockets, visit

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 Posted: Tue Nov 12th, 2013 03:46 am
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Delightful edd. I am so happy for "youse" as they say in Chicago!

Hope this leads to many many many more productions.


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 Posted: Wed Nov 13th, 2013 10:54 pm
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Wonderful, Edd.

I have read the play. At some point in my life, I will see the play.

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