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 Posted: Thu Jun 27th, 2013 03:33 pm
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Yes! Yes. Is that what you want from me? Yes!
I love her! My Miss. Do you understand?
Do your worst upon my good flesh, but know:
She is the one for me, and I for her.
I will not stop, or lay my head below
The line. I will not renounce or give in.
If I am charged with some crime here then come,
Bring me to the stocks, to the pillory.
I will not hide from this—my seeing soul,
Or fall victim to your blank inquiry.
I care not that they don't agree, or see it
Bad business so to interfere. I'm free
And so is she. My one—my lady of
The day. You can lie, it doesn't mean a thing.
I stand by my words, cross out the punishment,
The hot-coal lies that act as fiery reminders.
Bring them forth, for my tempered heart
Has braved a thousand stings. And waits.
For if you strip from me my flesh I grow—
Stronger all the while, knowing her faith is here.
It holds my hand as I call her name in thought.
Waiting for the good time when we'll be one.
Your law, your crime, it bids me nothing in return.
I shake it from me as broken lashes, away.
Yes. I am ready, never more than now.
If this be the path to her then bring me pain—
I swallow it whole and wait for more: if she
Is there on the otherside. Her father
Will not take from me my pride, he cannot
Take from me the only thing that remains.
I won't, I shall not renounce her, or say
The words you wish for me to speak. I lie
In wait for her good touch, her voice alive,
The opposite of this aged attack. I tire.
I grow weak without the washing hands.
Do your worse, do your best to lose me,
And let me go to find my way back home.
I care not of this mere mortal show of greed,
To take away a fair man's only sustenance;
For I will see her again—on our terms.
Where metal claws rest and wet pens don't write.
Free from the bonds of this paternal spite.
We will be free soon, together in love,
And you're feeble acts of separation wilt.
But unlike the rose that loses water, we
Find a new river beneath. We wade it justly,
Dive into it's warm mix of elements—
And swim. There's nothing you can do for that.
Or ways to hold down my good hands in shame.
Tell your master to sleep with that near,
The thought that with his power and his might,
The strength of true love is more than even
He can stop. Let him know that. That I'm
A reborn man, right here and right now.
Let him know I leave with that. Let him know.

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