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 Posted: Fri Jun 20th, 2008 02:23 pm
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I think most people's suspicions would be raised by this post. A request, an email address, and a shockingly refined name...John Frederick. How dare you use a name to lull playwrights into a false sense of security. Even I was almost duped, and I am a cynic from way back.  An in-utero cynic; which was due to the amazing amounts of bitter pills my mom took while pregnant with me. So, Mr. John Frederick, or Mr. Bamboozle Bottom, you will not be fooling this fellow, because you used an impossibly stylish name. John Smith might have worked, Jim Jones likewise, even Ohmy God would have seemed more genuine, but you tipped your duplicitous hand. John (common enough) Frederick (a fine last name), separately, would have hinted at nothing nefarious. However, you thought, in your conspiratorial cleverness, that none would notice you lording the ridiculously plausible and sexy John Frederick under our noses. Well, laugh away into your smug hand JF, because my plays are safely stored on my laptop, and my genius firmly attached to them. The only way anyone will ever get to see my magnum opuses (yes, I have more than one) is to walk into the cafe where I work, see on my face that I am clearly insightful beyond reason, and beg me to let them use my words. If the playwright can not go to Off-Broadway, then Off-Broadway must come to the playwright.


PS: Any would be artistic directors coming into Casa Mia, and not finding me at the second table to the left, would they please look out in the back alley where I will probably toking on a fatty with Giuseppe, the espresso machine operator

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