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 Posted: Thu Oct 2nd, 2008 08:22 pm
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I seek the depths for words to frame
The hate I hold you in
When all the time, it would be described best
By shoving a spanner so far up your arse, that it knocked out your teeth

I factory-farm the dictionary in vain
To speak of my love for you
But my heart keeps saying:
"Bend her over the nearest table"

A million searing stabbing agonising words for pain
And not one official spelling of AARRRGGGHHH

Sometimes people let luscious lexicons levitate and enthrone their souls,
Sometimes we dress things up in a lot of bollocks to stop people seeing a monkey wearing a crown.

Sometimes words fail, but be thankful
Because actions often fail too.

A poet is someone who knows a lot about how the world would look
If he had created it