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 Posted: Thu Jan 15th, 2009 10:31 pm
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The workers we have rights now
There's no need to fight now
The battle it's been fought and won
There's plenty lifting to be done

The animals they got rights too!
from farmyard things to London Zoo
Now they all grow fat and old
In comfy cages of pure gold

But the moo-cow and the worker
We share a certain fate
'Cos one way or the other
We'll wind up on a plate

The third world and the first
May be like pork and veal
But we'll not be sitting far apart
When they serve us for a meal

Now truly, maybe your boss might
Pay you your dues and talk of rights
But those kind words aren't mean to flatter
He only wants to make you fatter!

You're a cog in a system
A system that is cursed
So rise up off the dinner plate
And eat your damn boss first