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 Posted: Wed Feb 11th, 2009 10:56 pm
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There are a couple of strong plays that are by some friends of mine that come to mind:

THE FLOW by Dominic Orlando
9 females, 10 males, 2 either (19-29 actors possible: 8-15 females, 9-16 males)

What is "The Flow" -- an after-school club? A team? Or something far more dangerous? Lonely Kevin Sorenson's about to find out, in a story that mixes fairy tale motifs with modern teens' struggles for acceptance and love.

It's published by


PERSEPHONE RULES! by Michael R. McGuire
Hades has just kidnapped Persephone, spiriting her to the Underworld and causing her mother, Demeter, to leave the world blanketed in winter . . . or did he? Maybe Persephone set the whole thing up because she was tired of eternally perfect Olympus, "so golden, so glorious, so blah!" Persephone Rules! Adventures of a Teenage Goddess is a zany comedy that tells what really happened between Hades (who hates his job), Persephone, her tag-along kid sister, Cypher, and the rest of those wacky Olympian gods.
Available through Brooklyn Publishers

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