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 Posted: Wed Jul 22nd, 2009 02:45 pm
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There is a huge disadvantage to being a bit blind here on the internet.  I agree that if all you say is kind words, it's not helpful and this would become a mutual pat on the back society.

However, in a room with people you know, you have a sense of who they are.  In a playwright's group, you know who's opinion you value, and whose you don't - and the ones you don't may simply be because your tastes are so different.

As an example...I don't like Kitchen plays.  I try to avoid commenting on them, because it's a style of theatre that does't appeal to me.

In a sense, it's more difficult to receive harsh critiques when you cannot actually connect with a person.

Personally, I feel better when someone hates something I write, than I would feel if they said it was lovely - the kiss of death for me.

There are now 1000 people on this site, and although there are probably thirty or so who regularly post here, it is difficult to get a sense of who people are.

Perhaps if people really like people to get gritty with their critiques, they should say so at the end of their post.