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 Posted: Sat Aug 8th, 2009 09:19 pm
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I finished my latest masterpiece a couple of weeks back but I've had trouble convincing myself that it is finished. I don't mean that it is ready for performance. It needs re-reading, polishing, spell checking and all the rest but essentially it is now a complete play. And yet..

I have had this nagging feeling that it is not complete and tonight I think I've realised why. My question is this. Is 15000 words too short for a full length play? How long would that run for? OK. That's two questions, but I have found myself seriously considering adding another scene in order to bring it up to the standard 20000 word mark. I'm worried people will think less of it because it is short.

Perhaps if anyone can think of any really great plays that come in at about 15000 words I'll be re-assured.