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 Posted: Wed Aug 12th, 2009 05:25 am
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I talked to David Burton a couple of weeks ago - he said not to worry. They are getting details out as quick as they can, but YES Brooklyn will still market plays and will continue to exist, for the most part, as a separate company.

Heuer will also market their plays.  David said that Heuer will continue with a more adult market like Community plays, etc., and Brooklyn will continue with their line of children's, youth market (he said Brooklyn is in the top three in this market).

I was told they are updating the website - which I think is up now - and that the playwrights will now get royalty on Video rights too (so like if a public access channel runs your video'd play). Also, there will be scripts available for online internet download pdf's (perusal scripts).

David said that playwrights with both companies are free and encouraged to contact and use the other company at will for their plays. So, if you have an adult community theatre-type play, send it to Heuer, children's to Brooklyn (although I noticed that Heuer has children's plays on their site too). 

That's most of what I know, although I'm sure there are many more details to it. David said they are busy getting out the fall catalogue right now - but not to worry, this is going to be a good thing for their playwrights, as well as Heuer's. They will give us more details when they can.

Oh, and contracts do stay the same.

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