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 Posted: Sun Aug 30th, 2009 04:27 pm
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It's slightly off-topic with this group, but my novel Undermind is coming out this month. Launch will be at Word on the Street in Toronto Sunday Sept 27. Also upcoming is a play I wrote to the spur of ten minute play competitions called Please May I Live? in the Concordia student literary publication Soliloquies. (It was supposed to come out in June but the editors decided to run it together with the next one, in fall.)

It hasn't been all good news this summer. I'm breaking in a new computer (nuisance--haven't figured out how to set up new files on this system yet, or import the ones I have backed up on Gmail) because we had a break-in at our apartment and the one I was using was stolen. That and the general malaise (or slower pace) of summer is mainly responsible for how little time I've spent on the net, particularly the last two weeks. We didn't have theft insurance. We'll make sure we get it now. For various reasons it could have been worse--I had unexpected money earlier this summer, otherwise I'd be having trouble meeting daily expenses, let alone being able to afford a computer replacement. What it does do (unless the novel brings an unexpected windfall, either in sales or by making me eligible for one of the grants I don't currently have enough publication credits to apply for) is put the kibosh on the trip to Europe next summer I'd planned to earmark some of the money for (plus what I'd scrimp together this year--scrimping's definitely easier for people who are making a living wage at what they do however). Still, the recognition doesn't come amiss, and here's hoping it'll lead somewhere.