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 Posted: Tue Sep 29th, 2009 03:03 pm
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Alan, from here, submitted a short piece for AHA Moments.  We performed it last night and the night before.   Really funny.

One of our actors dressed as a homeless guy is standing in front of the theatre as the show lets out.  He's holding a cup with coins in it, and he has a sign hanging around his neck that reads - SPARE CHANGE FOR THE ARTS.

As the people filed out, he'd approach them..."Spare change for the arts."  and give them money from his cup, "thank you, God Bless You."

People had no idea what to do.  Most of them put the money back in, but the confusion and then the laughter was priceless.

Last night we had a cold night with rain, and cancelled the AHA Moments, except for the Tin Cup.  It was too priceless to let go.  I wasn't there, but the actor told me that standing in the rain, made it that much better.

Thank you, Alan.

Just wanted you to know.