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 Posted: Mon Sep 27th, 2010 02:59 pm
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Doug B

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I have produced shows full length shows as short as 50 minutes but it is hard to convince audiences that they got their money's worth a that length:  Show starts at 7:30 out at 8:20 - not much of a night out at the theater.

We are currently presenting "Brilliant Traces" which runs 93 minutes without an intermission.  Audiences are fine with that (including going that long without a bathroom break).  We just closed "Arthur, The Begetting" which ran well over two and a half hours including intermission - start at 7:30 out at 10:15.  That was pushing the time limit on the other side.  I know there are far longer plays out there but today's audiences seem to like two hour max plays.

My personal feelings is that less than 90 minutes (including a short intermission) is about the minimum for a night at the theater.  The max is two and a half hours including intermission.  Just my thoughts.  Would I ever do a shorter or loinger play?  Of course but it has to be compelling theater - like "Arthur" was.

We often put shorter (less than an hour) plays together for a night of theater and that seems to work well also.