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 Posted: Mon Sep 27th, 2010 04:13 pm
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I am most inclined to agree with Paddy.  I suppose it boils down to reasons; reason for writing a play; reason to needing it to fit into a particular genre or length.  If commercialism is a reason, or if extending or shorting a play strictly for length (as opposed to content); then, as many have said, 85 min to 2 hours is full length, etc., etc., etc., or thereabouts.  If the reason for writing a play is because one can't help it; because there is something needing to be expressed and adding or subtracting gets in the way of that expression or, God forbid, it the way of Art -- then I'd throw my two cents in with Paddy's.  Of course, there is no reason one cannot write for both.  I have set out writing a play strictly for commercial reasons, and, sometimes, they have paid-off.  I have written plays that have never been produced, a very few have ever seen, in full knowledge while writing it that, more than likely, it will never be produced.  It didn't matter; it doesn't matter.  Reasons -- begin with reasons.

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