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 Posted: Wed Apr 6th, 2011 06:45 pm
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Here is what I think is a prime problem that I see from your post in general:

"It's certainly a cartoony, comical sort of show, so if anyone recognizes that the actors are pulling double/triple/quadruple duty, it really won't matter, but I wanted to get you guys' take on it BEFORE I BEGIN WRITING."

It seems as if you are thinking thinking thinking too, too much.

Begin! Begin! Begin!

You seem to be concentrating on where it is going rather than where it will take you.

Just write what you want. Don't worry about the time or the amount of characters (Yes you can double quadruple cast. I saw Chazz Palmenteri do "A Bronx Tale" where he played, as one critic wrote, "I've seen one-man shows before, but Mr. Palmenteri plays an entire borough.") and get your first draft done.

Then the real work begins.

To aid you: Stephen Sondheim just published in December a book called "Finishing The Hat" which is taken from the title of a song from "Sunday in the Park With George."

Pick it up. Read it. Study it. He is the master. It will be money well-spent. On the book jacket it says it is a theatrical book/memoirs that belongs in the ranks of Moss Hart's "Act One" and Arthur Miller's "Timebends." I agree.

Here are two reviews:

Have at it.


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