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 Posted: Mon Aug 21st, 2006 05:10 pm
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This is an entirely different play.  There is no indication they are up to a sexual tryst, and I'm happy about that.  If she were trying to turn him on, she's not exactly saying the right things to do so, is she?

So I really love this.  It's quirky and odd, but I hope you don't try make it into something it doesn't seem to be.  I prefer this as a chance meeting, but the man's energy is very different.  She has control, and he seems all right with that.  In the other, the power was in his hands.

I think you have two plays here.  Both wonderful.  Both valid, but very different in energy and pun intended.

One niggly point...whatsoever jumped at me as not being a word this man would use.

Nicely done.