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 Posted: Tue Jan 17th, 2012 05:03 pm
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32 days later and 80 pages of this play are written. Wow.

Ok, here's an outline if anyone is interested..

The play is titled "Moments". It breaks down into six related 10 minute plays which can, if desired, be performed alone. When the six are performed together monologues are added to give the audience something to watch during scene changes and to reinforce the relationship of the plays.

The characters overall are
Catherine, her mother
Billy, who will become her stepbrother
Brian, who will become her stepfather
Alex, who will become her husband
Arthur, her father

The plays are each 1 year apart from each other. Pamela is in all 6 plays, providing a through line to the plot of all of them.

"The Picture Kept Will Remind Me."
Pamela, Catherine.
Mother and daughter are starting their life over having left an abusive husband/father. While Pam is introduced to the new apartment she sees a picture painted by her late brother, who committed suicide the day after they ran away. The essential conflict is over whether such horrible memories should be kept, and if so why?

Pamela, Billy.
At a high school dance Billy tries to get Pam to dance with him and get closer to him. She rebuffs his attempts and the argument breaks any chance they have of remaining boyfriend and girlfriend. But even as they argue, they observe their parents, who are chaperoning the dance, falling in love. They realize that one way or another, they're going to have to get along. I still don't have a good title for this one - but I only completed its first draft last night.

"To Every Thing"
Pamela, Brian
Brian makes the unusual move of asking Pamela if she's ok with him marrying her mother. Getting her to ascent to this is the main conflict of this story, which has a bit of a theological bent as Brian is an Anglican priest and Pamela is an atheist.

Pamela, Brian, Catherine, Billy
The only as yet unwritten play of the group, this one deals with Catherine and Brian announcing her pregnancy to their adult children, Pam getting ready to go to Yale and Billy getting a football scholarship to UK (he's a kicker. If any position at UK gets a lot of work its the kickers)

"What Love Truly Is"
Pamela, Alex
Now in love, Pamela wants to become intimate with Alex, but anxiety from childhood molestation gets in her way. This is one of the most painful to write things I've ever done.

Pamela, Arthur
Pamela goes to see her dying father and try to come to terms with all he has done and find a way to finally let go of the pain he has caused.