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 Posted: Thu Jan 31st, 2013 01:25 pm
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My thoughts are similar to Bob's - I'd run your script by someone with directing experience and they'll soon tell you what will and won't work.

In terms of a set design I'd keep your descriptions as simple as possible, and let the people working on the actual production use their creative energy to bring your vision to life. For example, I've seen some photos from a couple of different productions of "The Laramie Project" - one was a multi-level, variable-staging production with a seemingly endless number of cast members, while another was a few actors and a row of folding chairs.

And yes, echoing Paddy, there's no need to start a new scene on each page - if there were two or three scenes in each act then maybe, but in a play with over 100 scenes I wouldn't even change the heading, I'd just use a line of stage direction to indicate a new scene - that should be enough for any director worth their salt to take the hint and keep the changes as fast and minimal as possible.