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 Posted: Fri Jun 16th, 2006 01:57 am
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I have heard so many playwrights who write children's plays saying things like, "well . . . I only write children's plays." as though children's plays were something less than big people plays.  I have so much respect for author's of plays for young people I cannot begin to express.  I remember being a carrot.  I remember being a snow flake.  I remember being Monstro the Whale.  All these memories have drawn me to Theatre all my life.  Without all those plays for young people there would be very small audiences since only TV and cinema would have been their main source of entertainment - their formitive influence.  Live people on the stage couldn't possibly be as interesting as quick cuts, car chases etc.  It is those writers of plays for young people and the teachers who introduce them to young minds who keep the magic of Theatre alive.  The dramatist should genuflect.  I bow to you.  -Edd

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