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 Posted: Wed May 29th, 2013 12:55 pm
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Playfull hi,

Stop with the modesty. You have a talent for writing.

Thanks so much for your read and comments - very observant ones too.

I've purposely written the play so that Solly swings between talking to himself (while we listen in) and addressing the audience directly.

The 'hook' you mentioned, I've deliberately kept cryptic. More does come later, much more. Funnily enough, his first spoken line, 'Location, location, location,' also has relevance later. But I take your point about including a few more clues and may well do this. Do you think I'm missing a trick if I don't?

Solly's use of the word 'blacks' may well be jarring, but remember the play is set in Johannesburg in the sixties and that's how Solly would have referred to them. Race is not an issue in the play, but I'm trying to show that Hennie is a real down-and-out by sharing meths, from a tin can, with them.

Thanks again,
Phil aka Fossil