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 Posted: Sat Sep 14th, 2013 03:08 am
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I came for advice one previously, and people were really helpful. I'm a screenwriter with one credit, trying to make the transition to writing for the stage. There is so much information out there online, but a lot of it is conflicting.

I have a lot of scenes. I know that the idea play is two characters, very few scenes, and I look forward to writing that play. I do. But I have a completed screenplay that I don't want my agents to see, because I know they will sell it, and it won't get made. But it's completely dialogue driven, and I think I can combine the already long scenes to make a powerful play.

So, here's my simple question. Throughout the play, all my scenes are represented by tables and chairs. I don't need ornate sets, the dialogue can indicate the setting.

But can I simply have, say, a mom and dad exit a stage after their dialogue is finished, and then have, say their two kids enter? Instead of breaking it up into two scenes with a confusing blackout. I know CIRCLE MIRROR TRANSFORMATION had 30 blackouts, but that's a rarity. I don't want to have two page scenes, and then 40 blackouts, and if it were a community theater production I was putting on myself, I'd simply do what I mention above: Have x characters exit, and then have some more characters enter. I don't think it's the most awkward transition, but is it ridiculous to keep writing it that way? Because this way, it'd be very easy to write the play. But that get tiresome in its own way? Thanks so much for any insight.