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 Posted: Fri Jul 11th, 2014 08:39 am
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Found this piece very amusing and an easy read. The first two scenes seemed the strongest, but I am bias because these were married couples. I know those kind of discussion too well. Twist at the end is great. It reminds me of the time I took a tour of the Donald Judd installations in Marfa, Texas. At some point during the tour my wife screamed at me and said "look out". I realized I was about to step This was a recreation of an old classroom with books and stuff all over the floor.
Anyhow the great thing is that you can definitely keep it as a one act as well as a bunch of 10 minute plays. You pretty much have 3, 4 potential plays for submission. If you are to keep it at this length I'd like to see the first couple come back and look at the art one more time passing by, or the second couple bumping into the ladies. You don't need words for such moments - but they could offer a different kind of flow. I know when we walk in museums sometimes we walk through a gallery more than once.
I am a fan of this sort of flexible structure. It makes it that much easier when you get into play development . Great job. Keep at it.