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 Posted: Sun Aug 24th, 2014 04:44 am
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I found that after some initial good feedback and good intentions from some people I have the long dark winter of the mind where it all goes back to being rubbish mush and it feels very difficult to bother trying anything new, or going over anything old even, all that much. Maybe it's a lack of the "brand new idea'' I feel i need to write more read more read better write better
my therapist once said '' how do you know you are reading enough''

I am annoyed with not being one of the great talents of our age.

my sister is one of the best living portrait photographers (and an alcoholic.) (not currently doing well)

I'm a (pathetic excuse for) a (schizophrenic) playwright, yet to be discovered.

Sorry to be bleak.

I find it difficult that I need to work hard to improve.

I am going to post a reading list suggestions post for the very best things people here have read.