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I would appreciate any feedback you may have on my first ever attempt at writing a play,

This is a story based on a relation ship between a single father and his mid twenties daughter. it is not complete as i have hit a wall as such towards the end of the show.

Living Room Scene (General lighting 80% )
Living Room Chair
Stand Lamp
Side Table
Dining Table and Chair

Tube Train Scene (No lighting on stage other than a small LED hand held cluster to light up face to simulate a mobile phone going off in the dark)
4 Seats on stage

Phillip: mid 50’s Main Character
Bex: mid 20’s Main Character
Justin: Late 20’s (recorded voice with small part at end)
Sue: Mid 40’s (recorded voice with small part at end)
Richard: Mid 20’s Recorded Voice
Simon: Recorded Voice
Mark: Recorded Voice
Nicola: Recorded Voice
Tannoy1 & 2 (announcer recorded voice)

Scene 1
Internal Living Room
A living room chair is off centre stage,
Phillip is sat reading newspaper Bex is texting on her phone with headphones on listening to music or something
Bex: (shouting as headphones are on) DAD, IM NOT GOING TO BE IN TONIGHT, JUSTIN IS TAKING ME TO DINNER.
Phillip: (shouting back) OK, (then in normal voice) blooming kids
Bex: (removing head phones) what did you say dad?
Phillip: Nothing Dear! So where is he taking you then?
Bex: I don’t know yet, it’s a surprise! It’s our 6 month anniversary.
Phillip: (Sarcastically) oooooh 6 months, you’ll be married soon and I’ll be a granddad.
Bex: DAD!
Phillip: You just be careful.
Phillip goes back to his paper;
Bex: Dad it’s been nearly 2 years since you last went out on a date, you must be getting bored sat around the house without someone to keep you company!
Phillip: (still behind paper) Nope im fine.
Bex: Who was the last lady? (pause) ermmmm Michelle wasn’t it, she was nice.
Phillip: (Mumbles something)
Bex: Sorry Dad didn’t catch that?
Phillip: (Mumbles sheepishly again)
Bex grabs the paper out of his hands and walks away with it.
Phillip: Oi, I was reading that.
Bex: Dad, it’s been too long and you’re not going to find the lady of your dreams sat on your backside in our front room,
Phillip: No but…….
Bex: (interrupting) But nothing mom died 10 years ago and we all miss her it’s time for you to move on and find happiness it’s what she would of wanted.
Phillip: but………….
Bex: (interrupting again) DAD! Maybe you and Keith can go out on Friday to the singles night at the Nags Head.
Phillip: (standing up and pacing around the room) No, I’m absolutely fine the way I am; I’m in the prime of my life (pauses, then sucks in his stomach and pushes out his chest)
Bex: Really? Then why are you turning blue trying to hold your stomach in.
Phillip: (Still holding stomach in) Im Not,
Bex: I can wait
Phillip: What for?
Bex: 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1
Phillip releases his stomach in big gasp of air and bends over with his hands on his knees
Bex: Right dad, let’s have a simple game if I win then you go on a couple of dates, if you win then I’ll drop the whole subject
Phillip: Ok so what’s the game, Football,
Bex: No
Phillip: Swimming
Bex: Nope
Phillip: Oh come on I haven’t got all day
Bex: Well it’s a modernised version of an old game you used to play at school ……….Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock
Phillip: Rock, Paper, Scissors & what
Bex: Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock, its simple
Phillip: Sounds like it. Who did you learn that off?
Bex: Dr Sheldon Cooper
Phillip: Who
Bex: You don’t know him?(Quickly and un phased with hand symbols) so…..
Scissors cuts Paper
Paper covers Rock
Rock crushes Lizard
Lizard poisons Spock
Spock smashes Scissors
Scissors decapitates Lizard
Lizard eats Paper
Paper disproves Spock
Spock vaporizes Rock
(And as it always has) Rock crushes scissors

Phillip: Ok so ………
Scissors cuts Paper
Paper covers Rock
Rock crushes Spock

Bex: No, listen carefully (with actions)
Scissors cuts Paper
Paper covers Rock
Rock crushes Lizard
Lizard poisons Spock
Spock smashes Scissors
Scissors decapitates Lizard
Lizard eats Paper
Paper disproves Spock
Spock vaporizes Rock
(And as it always has) Rock crushes scissors

Phillip: Ok so this time I think I’ve got it.
Scissors cuts Paper
Paper covers Rock
Rock crushes Lizard
Lizard poisons Spock
Spock smashes Scissors
Scissors decapitates Lizard
Lizard eats Paper
Paper disproves Spock
Spock vaporizes Rock
(And as it always has) Rock crushes scissors

Wait for rapturous applause
Bex: FINALLY…. So are you ready? Best of 3
Phillip: I guess so.
They both stand there fists clenched
Bex: Ok on 3
Bex: 1, 2
Phillip: (interrupting) So are we displaying on 3.
Bex: what??
Phillip: are we showing our choice on 3 or after 3
Bex: Errrrrmm (getting irritated) on 3.
Phillip: So its 1, 2 then we show
Phillip: Ok grumpy I was only asking
Bex: READY now?
Phillip: Yes.
Both: 1, 2 and 3 (they show on 3)
Phillip Chooses Rock, Bex Chooses Paper
Bex: Paper Covers Rock one nil to me
Phillip: A lucky start.
Both: 1, 2 and 3
Phillip Chooses rock, Bex Chooses Lizard
Phillip: (Excitedly) ha ha ha 1 – 1 you’re going down daughter and this whole charade of me dating can be put away
Bex: Not so quick old man, it’s not over yet.
Phillip: Bring it on, I’ll even take you to best of 5, you see I have a system
Bex: Right you’re on then
Both 1, 2 and 3
Phillip again produces Rock, Bex Produces Scissors
Phillip: This is far too easy you might as well give up now
Bex walks away and faces the audience as though to address them without Phillip hearing
Bex: Come on Bex you can’t lose another one think, what is his system? 1st it was rock, then it was rock (as if had a light bulb moment) and wait a bloody minute it can’t be that system surely, is his strategy to go rock every time
Bex walks back to Phillip
Phillip: well are you ready (he puts his right hand to his forehead making a L shape with his thumb and fore finger) loser
Bex: Oi there is such a thing as a bad winner you know, anyway your going down
Both 1 – 2 and 3
Phillip shows rock, Bex shows Spock
Bex: hahaha 2 each, it’s all down to this one.
Phillip walks away to address the audience as Bex did earlier
Phillip: Oh no what to do now it all comes down to this one hand, what to do? What should I go for? (try to build suspense as if this is a life changing moment)
Bex is looking smug strutting around the stage, she walks forward to address the audience
Bex: I’ve got this in the bag, he will go rock AGAIN, or will he, what if he has figured out that I’ve figured out what he’s doing and changes his technique……. Think Bex, then again what if he’s figured out that I’ve figured out his system and he realises that I will change my choice and he goes back to his original choice being rock.
Phillip: Come on Bex, my brew is going cold and I want to put this whole saga to bed.
Bex: Coming
Both stand as if doing a show down at the ok coral.
(maybe cue wind and tumble weed style effect)
Both: 1 – 2 (as they say “and” they turn into slow motion) and 3
The slow motion scene should take at least 5 seconds
Phillip shows Lizard Bex Shows Scissors
Slow motion scene of Bex Obviously VERY VERY HAPPY and Celebrating all in slow motions
Time speeds up after short period
Bex: Yes, Scissors Decapitates Lizard, your all mine, we have a lot of work to do to get you ship shape.
Both walk off stage Black out
Off stage
Sound effect of phone being picked up and dialling a number
Another phone rings,
Recorded Voice Keith: Hello
Phillip: Hey Keith, it’s Phil, what you doing Friday night?
Recorded Voice Keith: Erm, nothing planned major, Michelle is watching Strictly now its back on.
Phillip: Good, You’re coming me for a pint ….. or seven
Recorded Voice Keith: What’s come over you and where we going?
Phillip: You’ll Find out soon enough, my Rebecca will pick you up at 7.
Recorded Voice Keith: (Sounding Puzzled) Ok
Both Put Phone Down

Scene 2
Lights Up (next Day) Living Room
Bex is sat at laptop on table while Phillip is off stage talking back again.
Bex: (Speaking loudly off to off stage) Dad, What’s taking so long?
Phillip: (off stage) you want me to look good don’t you?
Bex: Dad, you’ll be fine just don’t wear that flowery shirt that mom got you.
Phillip walks on stage as she’s saying this in a bad flowery shirt turns round and walks off again. Without Bex noticing.
Phillip: I wouldn’t be caught dead in that old thing.
Bex: Does Keith know what you’re doing tonight?
Phillip: What do you think? He would run a mile if I told him he was my “Wingman” again after all these years and going to a singles night at the local pub.
Bex: So the last time he was your wingman was the last time you actually wore that old flowery shirt then, I think they call that vintage nowadays its probably worth some money.
Phillip: Oi behave, your mom brought me that shirt.
Bex: Exactly so it’s at least 10 years old ………..Right, come on ill drop you off at the pub and then I’m going to meet Justin.
Phillip picks up his coat and heads off stage followed by Bex, picking up car keys
Scene 3
Lights Up (later that evening)
Phillip is sat contemplating, he has an empty whiskey glass in his hand.
Phillip: (Talking to himself) Come on Phil, she has a point it has been a long time, maybe you should move on and see what’s out there?
Phillip: (stands up and walks over to pour himself a drink) but what would Louise think, (picks up a family photo of three people)
Phillip: (talking to the picture, centre stage facing audience) Hey Lou Lou, Our lovely little daughter is doing her hardest to get me off this shelf and back into the sea of life, you wouldn’t believe it I’ve actually just got in I went down to the local tonight for a singles night with Keith, I won’t bother you with any more of that fiasco. (pause) Rebecca hasn’t half grown up a lot over the last 10 years, you’d hardly recognise her now, she’s taken to the lady of the house role perfectly, the house is sparkling and I cant leave my dirty socks anywhere, she definatly got that from you oh she’s seeing this lad called “Justin,” he seems nice enough it just seems she’s growing up so so fast,(huh sound) she will be married soon and then a couple have kids, I don’t want her to throw her life away and yes I know you got pregnant after 3 months and we rushed into marriage but it was different then and anyway if she does get married then I’ll be all alone in this big house, (pause)is that what I want?, am I doing the right thing? (as if a light has turned on in brain) Is it time to move on?
Sound of Door closing Phillip puts down photo and turns around just as Bex comes running in
Bex: (excitedly) Dad you’re still up excellent. How did it go?
Phillip: You would not believe what an embarrassing evening?
Bex: What you mean?
Phillip: Rebecca, I’m in my 50’s, Keith is pushing 60, and we practically doubled the average age at the flipping pub
Bex: So it didn’t quite go according to plan then? (Excitedly) Anyway I’ve got something to tell you.
Phillip: Calm Down, What’s up?
Bex: Justin’s asked me to marry him.
Phillip: What? Say that again I could have sworn you just said that Justin has asked you to marry him
Bex: I did.
Phillip: It’s only been 6 months, please tell me you said no.
Bex: Well…………ermmmmm.
Phillip: (interrupting with a sharp response) Rebecca Mary Hamming,
Bex: Dad, we are in love and that’s what matters.
Phillip: Turns away and picks up the photo frame (speechless)
Bex: Dad, Please don’t be angry about this we love each other, so of course I said yes.
Phillip pours a scotch and drinks it in one.
Phillip: Bex I’m happy for you of course but as your father I have to ask you to reconsider, you hardly know each other.
Bex: Dad, I’ve never felt this away about anyone before and I really believe that we have an amazing future together.
Phillip approaches Bex, puts his arm around her.
Phillip: Bex, you know I love you and only want the best for you, if this is what you want then im not here to stand in your way, but please be sure about this.
Bex: I am dad; I've never been so sure about anything in my life.
Phillip: Ok, while you were out I’ve done some thinking and despite tonight being a total failure and your obviously moving on with your life, I’m going to go crazy and going to give dating one more try, here look at this.
Phillip passes the paper to Bex.
Bex reads the paper
Bex: Totes Amazeballs dad
Phillip: What?
Bex: Doesn’t matter, You’ve picked a right random option here dad “Shot in the Dark”.
Phillip: Yeah apparently it’s all based on a special tube train; you get on wearing a mask,
Bex: (Interrupting) Ooh Kinky
Phillip: Oi behave young lady, where was I, when you get on board you long onto the app you’ve downloaded, the lights go off and you scroll through the profiles and send some messages and because it’s all in the dark it’s all about personality and not looks, then you decide if you want to meet up afterwards at the end of the train journey.
Bex: Is that not a little risky, you could be talking to anyone.
Phillip: Lets live life on the edge your only young once yeah whooo
Bex: Dad How much have you had to drink?
Phillip: Not that much, right I need a profile so fire up the app and let’s get cracking
Bex takes Phillips phone and they start to fill in the online profile
Bex: So dad, we need to fill this profile in. Question 1: 3 Words to describe yourself.
Phillip: (still off stage) I don’t know, how do men describe themselves nowadays ermmmm, Caring, Loving & ermmmmm Reliable.
Bex: (looking perplexed & Typing something completely different) (saying to herself so Phillip can’t hear) Adventurous, Romantic & Dashing.
Bex: Question 2: What are your 3 favourite past times?
Phillip: (Still off Stage) Reading, Gardening & Washing the car on a Sunday.
Bex: (Under Breath) Come on Dad you can do better than that. So think Bex we can’t have them thinking he’s boring. Rock Climbing, Wind Surfing and Scuba Diving
Phillip: (walking back onto stage) what did you say dear?
Bex: Nothing Dad (hiding screen from him) (looking him up and down) you know what dad you don’t scrub up to bad when you try.
Bex: Right we need a photo of you for the profile, the rules state that you need to have a mask on covering at least two thirds of your face. Hold on I’ll be right back.
Bex runs off stages, rummages around for a few seconds then comes running back on with a masquerade mask. (Quite feminine but suitable)
Bex: I have this from my Prom it will be perfect.
Phillip: it’s a bit girly don’t you have something better
Bex: Dad it will be fine, it shows you’re in touch with your feminine side.
Phillip: Do we have to do this?
Bex: Dad we need this for the event organisers, otherwise anyone could turn up
Bex fetches a drink of scotch for Phillip.
Bex: Dad here drink this and relax, do you remember when I was little and we used to do this as I dreamt of being a photographer well let’s just play like the old days forget why we are doing this.
Phillip: Ok for old times, so how do you want me?
Cue scene of Phillip playing around with feather boas and sound effects of clicking cameras and flashes of light to simulate camera flashes.
Scene finishes with both in fits of laughter and Bex uploading a photo to the computer.
Lights Fade
Off Stage
Bex: Night Dad, you’re going to love it tomorrow night.
Phillip: So are you?
Bex: What?
Phillip: Did I not mention your coming along to keep me company?
Bex: DAD!
Black Out
Scene 4
Lights up
Scene: Tube Platform, Bex & Phillip stood both dressed for a night out and both wearing masquerade masks
An announcement comes over the Tannoy.
Tannoy 1: Attention ladies and gentleman due to a private function the next public train to Hammersmith will be in 10 minutes, TFL apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.
Sound effect of tube train arriving.
Tannoy 1: Ladies and Gentlemen the next train arriving is the Shot in the Dark Tunnel of love, Invited guests only allowed on this train. Please stay behind the yellow line until the train has come to a complete stop & please mind the gap
Guests step forward and onto train.
Tannoy 1: Please mind the closing doors.
Train Noises to indicate the train pulling away.
Tannoy 2: Welcome to the inaugural “Shot in the Dark” event run in cooperation with TFL. We at Cupids welcome you along for an evening of fun and frolics. Please take a seat, relax and prepare to find the love of your life time.
Guests take their seats everyone sitting a little away from each other for the moment
Tannoy 2: Special Guests, please do not panic as the lights will go out on this train there is nothing to worry about.
People start to fidget at the thought of travelling in the dark with a bunch of strangers
Black Out
Bex: Dad, are you still there?
Phillip: Yes dear!
Tannoy 2: Ladies & Gentlemen please take out your phones and log onto the Shot in the Dark App .
All of the guests turn on their phones lighting up their faces.
Tannoy 2: Now that you’ve all signed in lets see who we have with us this evening.
Music plays
Announcer runs through a selection of playful jokes about peoples profile information in a Blind Date Kind of Style
Tannoy 2: So let’s get this party started.
Phillip: so now what?
Bex: Well looking at this you click on a name and send them a message then see what happens. Like this. (Bex starts to type, she reads out what she puts to illustrate to the audience, her face is illuminated showing she is using her phone) Hi there, what brings you to a place like this? And Send
Sound effect of text message and Phillips phone lights up.
Phillip: Oh now I get you, ok so my turn.
Phillip looks through his phone simulating that he is going through all the profiles on the App,
Phillip: Right I’ve picked one,” Hello, nice to meet you, where about’ s on the train are you?“ Send
Sound effect of text message and Bex’s phone lights up
Bex: DAD that’s me
Phillip: Ooops Sorry I don’t have my glasses on I couldn’t tell.
Bex: ok so we will take that as a practise, oh and by the way that response was horrendous you’ll not find anyone with rubbish like that.
A sign passes across the back of the stage indicating that they are passing through a station, this will happen throughout the show to demonstrate movement.
Recorded Voice Mark: Good Evening Sexy, you plus me equals awesome,
Sound effect of text message and Bex Phone Lights
Nicola: OMG has that ever worked on anyone (light goes off)
Recorded Voice Simon: If beauty was a time, you’d be an eternity.
Bexs phone lights up
Bex Laughs to herself
Bex: and delete
(Light goes off)
Phillip: Look even you’re getting messages and your engaged; I hope they don’t save the ones we do get sent as all there’ll see is one off my own daughter.
Bex: Dad Shush maybe you need to make the 1st move. Here pass me your phone.
Bex takes Phillips phone.
Phillips Phone lights up in bex’s hands.
Bex: Here this one looks nice, mid 40’s, Nurse no children, “Hello there NaughtyNurseNic, My names Phil, I’ve always had a thing for women in unif…….
Phillip snatches phone back before she could type anymore.
Phillip: Enough of that.
Bex (Laughing a lot): ok calm down
Phillip: So we will delete that last bit. And send
Phillips light goes out
Recorded Voice Nicola: So what do we have here? We have a nibble. So BigPhil what do you have to other, He Likes Rock Climbing, Wind Surfing and Scuba Diving wow a proper action man and at 52 wow,
Recorded Voice Nicola (sultry): Hello BIGPHIL, thanks for your message, im surprised I didn’t expect anyone to actually send any messages on here, so I see from your profile you’re into rock climbing, what’s your favourite rock to climb?
Text Message sound & Phillips phone lights up
Phillip: Bloody Hell I got a reply.
Bex: (Excitedly) well what does it say?
Phillip (voice gets more and more panicky as saying it): I’m too scared to look. What am I doing here this isn’t me, I should be sat at home watching Match of the Day not Sat in the dark on a tube train going round and round on the circle line.
Bex: Dad Relax, you belong here, it’s a long road to start dating especially at your age
Phillip: Oi
Bex: Well you’re not exactly a spring chicken anymore. Anyway, you know what I mean; first dates aren’t easy for anyone especially sat on a moving train in the dark with complete strangers oh and your daughter
Phillip: Is this supposed to be helping?
Bex: At least have a look at what she has to say.
Phillips phone lights up
Phillip: Rebecca! Who is BIGPHIL?
Bex (Sheepishly): ERMMMM I needed to give you a user name and it seemed like the easy choice.
Phillip: Rebecca! When have I EVER been rock climbing?
Bex: Well Gardening and reading didn’t really strike me as the kind of pastimes single ladies would be looking for
Phillip: Oh Jeez, she’s asked what rock to climb, now what do I put? I’m going to kill you when we get home. Right think Phillip you can work your way out of this you have a CSE Grade C in Geography. What rocks do I know, Ayres Rock, Sedimentary Rock, arghhhhhhhhh. Oh sod it. Hey Nic, I’d have to say one of my toughest ever encounter would be the Famous Blackpool Rock; it took me days to get through it all.
Phillips light goes off. Couple of seconds you hear a text message sound
Recorded Voice Nicola: Hi Phil, I’ve never heard of Blackpool Rock, I assume it’s very difficult.
Phillips phone lights up.
Phillip: And that’s the future of our NHS. DELETE
Bex: Dad, don’t be rude.
Phillip: What? Oh come on Blackpool Rock ……..Really?
Bex: Dad play nicely ask her a question
Phillip: Right ok one more chance, So what type of nurse are you?
Phillips light goes off and a text message is heard
Recorded Voice Nicola: (giggles) I’m a Naughty one, you should she my uniform sometime.
Test Message sound and Phillip’s phone lights up
Phillip: (Feeling uncomfortable) Bex, do you think there are people on this train only after, you…..know…..what. (gulps)
Bex: Dad, go with the flow, get a little no strings action, if you know what I mean

Phillip falls asleep and can be heard snoring
Recorded Voice Justin: Hey, Justinuff here, the only man you want to be leaving here with tonight.
The sound of multiple text messages going off, maybe 6 or 7 (to indicate that he has sent the same message to ALL the women on the train)
Bex’s Phone Lights up.
Bex: Oh come on does anyone really fall for that type of line. I know let’s play along no harm in that. Hey Justinuff, maybe I want more than just enough. (her light goes off)
Text message sound effect
Recorded Voice Justin: Oh yes we have a bite, 1 in 10 not too bad. “Hey SexyBexy, all I’ll say is Justinuff is more than enough……. Winking Smiley.
Text message effect & Bex’s phone lights up.
Bex: Sorry I’m afraid I’m recently engaged and I’m just on here to help a friend out.
Light goes off
Text Message Sound Effect
Recorded Voice Justin: oooh a tease, I like it when they play hard to get. What’s the difference between a Maths Exam tomorrow and your fiancé?
Text Message Sound effect & Bexs phone lights up
Bex: What is he going on about? I don’t know what is the difference?
Text Message Sound Effect
Recorded Voice Justin: Nothing they will both get cheated on
Text Message Sound effect and Bex phone lights up
Bex: Oh my god, (getting angry) I don’t bloody think so.
Bex: Dad….. Dad…….DAD
Phillip suddenly shuffles and grunts,
Phillip: What? I was having a really strange dream, I dreamt I was on a tube train in the dark, talking to a really strange nurse of Blackpool, Oh wait a minute.
Bex: Dad, I’ve just been propositioned and I feel a little bit sick about it
Dad: Don’t worry about it, he will take the hint when you don’t message him back, don’t lead him on and he will learn, Now if you don’t mind im going back to sleep until this hellish evening is over.
Bex: Come on we’ve got over an hour left yet.
Phillip ignores and you can hear him snoring again
Recorded Voice Richard: (nervously a younger man) Hi, my names Richard I’m 27, and I’m really not sure how to do this, Hi
Text Message sound
Bexs phone lights up
Bex: Awwwwwww how sweet. “Hi Richard, I’m Bex, I’m here with my friend who isn’t really taking this seriously, I actually got engaged yesterday but I would love to chat with you.”
Text Message Sound
Recorded Voice Richard: Hey Bex, That takes the pressure off at least, I got bullied into this by my sister, I’m happy being single.
Text Message effect & Bex’s phone lights up
Bex: Richard, you’re the first normal person I’ve spoken to on this train.
Recorded Voice Sue: Hi, My Names Sue, I’m 48 and I enjoy gardening, reading and watching my soaps. I’m new to all this and if it wasn’t for my son I probably wouldn’t even be here. Anyway hope to hear back soon Sue.
Phillips Phone Lights up, he doesn’t wake up
Bex: Dad
Phillip Doesn’t move
Bex (louder): DAD
Phillip suddenly awakens
Phillip: What?
Bex: Your phones going off.
Phillip: Really?
Bex (excitedly): Well who is it?
Phillip: Someone called Silly Suzy. (Pauses while reading) Ha told you.
Bex: Told me what?
Phillip (in straight posh voice) Hi, My Names Sue, im 48 and I enjoy gardening, reading and watching my soaps. I’m new to all this and if it wasn’t for my son I probably wouldn’t even be here. Anyway hope to hear back soon Sue.
Phillip: (Normal Voice) see told you, Gardening & reading a normal woman at last. No I might be able to have a normal conversation with someone at last.
Bex: Well, what are you going to say?
Phillip Pauses while thinking
Phillip: Hey Sue, thanks for message, I was wondering if there was actually anyone normal on the train other than me. I love to spend time in the garden too and strangely enough im only here due to my pestering daughter who beat me at a stupid game of spock, scissors, paper lizard or something.
Sound of Text Message
Sue has moved on to stage in the dark (the audience done see her) on the opposite side to Bex and Phillip
Sues Phone lights up

Tannoy 2: Ladies and Gentlemen this evening is drawing to a close, we will be stopping shortly, please select any passenger that has caught your eye and if you both clicked yes then we can arrange a drink in our special lounge. Enjoy


Justin Crossed from stage right to stage left with women arm in arm, Bex recognises trainers or something she calls him as she misses him and his phone goes off as he is passing leading to an argument and break up.

Lights up to show an empty living room scene, the sound of a car on the drive way and a door closing. Bex walks in taking coat off followed by Phillip
Phillip: Honey, im really sorry about tonight?
Bex: Dad don’t be sorry, if we hadn’t been there then I would of never found out about “HIS” past times and I would of married him.
Phillip (Hugging Bex): Well I suppose but it still can’t be very easy on you but on the bright side at least I didn’t end up having to pay for a wedding.
Bex: DAD
Phillip: Too soon?
Bex’s Phone Beeps, she steps away from Phillip to answer it, looking sheepish
Phillip: (angrily): That better not be HIM
Bex: Yep, hes been texting me all the way home, I haven’t replied yet.
Phillip: Good
Bexs phone now rings
Phillip (Snatches Phone and acts all angry down the phone): Stop calling my daughter and if you ever show your face around here again, I’ll ……… I’ll……….. I’ll do something you might regret. (PAUSE) oh sorry…..(passes phone to Bex) its someone called Richard
Bex Takes phone from Phillip
Bex (excitedly but trying to be cool and calm) oh hi Richard, sorry I ran off before, kind of a personal crisis but that’s all over now.
Bex (pauses as thought listening to Richard talking): Ok , ill text you in a bit, im going for a shower then in bed I think ive had enough excitement for one night. Speak soon, bye bye bye bye bye
Phillip: Richard?
Bex (sheepishly): just a guy off the train.
Phillip: oh right really
Bex: Right Daddy im off for a shower and bed (Kisses Phillip and cheek and goes to leave the stage, Turns back) Love you Dad (leaves Stage)
Phillip: Love you too
Black Out
The sound of text messages continue for 10 – 1 5 seconds after to illustrate continual messaging