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 Posted: Fri May 22nd, 2015 09:44 pm
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Ditto Kato.

There's nothing I can add to that. I wish I had a Kato when I was first starting out. I was using an old manual Underwood then and every day I found myself covered with White Out. It took me many years to teach myself what little I know now of the craft.

Hey, Kato! I'm no longer a playwright. Well, for a while anyway. 3/4 through my first (completed) novel. This time I am actually writing with $$$ on my mind. A new experience; money. ~Edd

Michael, I have one thing to add to what Kato said. Do NOT start making changes because others suggested them. Listen to your gut as well as those kind folks who will read NO LOVE. It will only be you who will take the accolades or the blame. The play will have your name on it. The best to you and your writing adventure. ~Edd

P.S. Michael, have you worked on screenplays, as well? Your use of "log line" threw me. I guess I've been secluded in my cabin in the woods writing my anti-Capitalism screed for far too long.

Again, only the best.