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 Posted: Sun Jun 7th, 2015 08:45 pm
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in media res,

Thanks a lot for your notes! I'm glad you enjoyed the play, and you've given me some really helpful stuff. I finally got a small reading together which also gave me some great notes. I wrote this because my academic advisor offered to make it part of my university's season once it got in shape (actually, a student written play is part of the upcoming season as well so I'm feeling pretty good about that deal) but he has yet to really get back to me with his thoughts. I'm going to start my second draft regardless of that, though, because I really think once this gets good enough it could get picked up by a real theatre company.

I really appreciate your encouragement and feedback, it means a lot. I do have one question, though: I'm considering changing the final scene to more fully embrace the "no love" themes, and get rid of the reconciliation there. What would you think if it ended on a complete down note?

Thanks again for reading!