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 Posted: Tue Aug 4th, 2015 05:31 am
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Yes, Welcome.

We are very generous here, as Turco has said.

But, if you post the first ten pages and a brief synopsis you would be better off.

Interesting thought came to me reading your synopsis: Are Alex and Rebecca male and female or are they both female? I am not saying you have to tell us. It could be either. (I know two women name Alex.) And that could be part of the intrigue of reading it. Maybe for awhile the reader is not sure which. And then the reveal comes to be one or the other…or others.

Also, YOU should make sure as best you can that the first ten pages are spelled correctly, etc. BEFORE you post. No reader should have to do the work for the writer. Yes, an occasional error is understandable, but if you rely solely on Checkspell, you will have more problems than you can imagine! Theatres do not like to see careless, cavalier submissions.

I have read scripts for contests and honorariums and the hurried, careless and sloppy submisssions stand out like a sore thumb.

So, to you and all, a brief synopsis and the first Ten-Twelve page sample is best way to get response.

Have you had anyone else read the play? Any responses?

Good for People to read who are intersted in the site:

Again, Welcome.