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 Posted: Mon Dec 7th, 2015 06:35 am
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This year I finally decided to get myself published.  In doing so, I was able to revisit an old project that will forever remain the most personal and gratifying experience I have had to date as a writer and performer.

In 2003, a force-of-nature named Joey Tucci came into my life during a time I can best describe as hell on earth.  I was dealing with a mental illness I didn't ask to be cursed with and it was successfully ruining everything I had worked so hard for.  They called it bipolar 2 (a diagnosis later reevaluated as severe depression) and the unwanted intrusion turned my life upside down.

Theatre was always my therapy so I started writing.  I had issues and demons I wanted to confront, present and past.  The end result was "Tuxedo Joe."

In doing so, I was left with the challenge of somehow getting a general audience to understand and relate to a central character dealing with a mental illness.  Indeed, every person's experience is different.  I did not want it to be clinical.  I did not want to distance the audience.  I wanted them right there, inside my head. 

He would be my alter-ego through four stage performances and after a self-financed feature film version, I put the material away for eight years.

I finally decided to bring the material back to its theatrical roots.  It's really something to look at lines of dialogue and remember exactly where I was (physically and mentally) when they were written.  Where the material goes from here is anyone's guess.  I just wanted to finally put the story out there in the playscript it was designed for.  Maybe he can help someone as he once helped me. 

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Tuxedo Joe - A Play in Two Acts