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 Posted: Wed Jun 15th, 2016 07:11 pm
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Hello to all. i am a newbie here at the playwrights forum. first of all, don't let my title of horrormaker throw you off. yes, i am a big fan of horror stuff, movies, book, etc. i have written short stories, poems, and trying to complete my first novel. i have turned to this forum, due to the fact i have written my first play. it is not a horror play, but rather a comedy-drama. i will post it here soon but it is on another topic. i started writing back in 90's.
i am a retire deejay of 15 years, due to loss of hearing. i turn to acting in theater, and am a cast member in the horror film, 'Bled White' you can see me on youtube under the Rob Rivers Horror Show. Rob Rivers was my radio name; just kept it. I retired from acting fall of 2015, due to hearing loss got worse. the last play, i had the actor right next to me and i couldn't understand what he was saying.
i hope i can help as many people as i can, as well you can help me. i may come and go from time to time, busy with taking care of my family or writing something else.
well, that is enough. take care of yourself and stay healthy. rob